The kitchen is often the center of a household, and the countertops can make or break your kitchen design. It’s the surface on which you prepare food, enjoy family meals and gather with friends. When searching for countertop materials, natural stone is a great choice for both its beauty and its durability.

When you choose natural stone countertops, you’re choosing to add character to your home, as no natural stone is the same. The differences and even imperfections are what make these countertops so special.

In addition, natural stone countertops hold up against wear and tear better than any other material with very little upkeep necessary.

Granite Countertops in Houston

At Rock Fin Countertops, we have more than 134 variations of granite countertops at our Houston location to fit your needs. Granite countertops are a great choice not only in the kitchen, but in the bathroom and other areas of your home as well.

The durability of granite countertops is paramount, and the versatility in coloring allows you to design the rest of your home to your liking.

Marble Natural Stone Countertops

Our marble countertops include 32 variations of this highly-popular natural stone. Our Houston countertops location has the right marble slab for your home.

Marble is an excellent choice for those in search of a bright, crisp kitchen. The marbling really catches natural light, and it opens up the entire space, making it incredibly inviting.

Houston's Top Slate Countertops Provider

Slate countertops look great and have a non-porous surface that makes them incredibly low-maintenance. Slate looks great in kitchens and bathrooms alike, and it’s also a great material for a wet bar. The look of slate countertops is incredibly sleek, with not as many color variations as in granite or marble. Regardless, each slab of slate is still unique with beautiful variations.

At our Houston countertops location, you’ll find 21 different slate countertop varieties that are all non-porous. This means that they are simple to clean up, and it stands up well to heat. They are also incredibly affordable.

In addition to granite, marble and slate countertops, we also carry variations of limestone and travertine countertop options. If you are ready to choose the best countertops for your home, request a quote or contact us today.