When it comes to choosing the perfect countertops to compliment your kitchen or bathroom space at Rock Fin, most people are unaware of the multitude of options available on the marketplace, as well as the beauty behind engineered stone. Before covering your home in what's currently trending in engineered stone countertops, take a moment to learn more about the benefits and maintenance needs, as well as the color and texture options behind our engineered stone countertops.

The Importance of Quartz in Engineered Stone Countertops

Before delving into the specification of each type of engineered stone, it's important to know that each company uses quartz as a base material for their individual designs. Quartz is a factory-made material, but it is derived from mineral dust. Quartz is the most common mineral found on the surface of the Earth. In fact, it is found in almost every environment and is a component in almost every rock type. The mineral is used so frequently in the countertop industry because it is non-porous, hardy and comes in many different colors. At Rock Fin Countertops, we're pleased to offer our customers a wide-variety of options in engineered stone, including:

  • Caesarstone Countertops: Whether you're searching for a classic to ultra-modern look, Caesarstone should be one of your first stops. This non-porous, stain-resistant surface has double the impact resistance compared to granite and can be installed in thinner slabs to save weight, a money-saving feature. You'll also be surprised by the sleek and polished modern look it can add to your kitchen or vanity. At the same time you can achieve a classic look if you were designing, say, a country-French-themed kitchen.

  • Ice Stone Countertops: As a little variation to quartz, Ice Stone countertops are made of three ingredients including 100-percent recycled glass, pigments and Portland cement, which is comprised of concrete, mortar and stucco. In this sense IceStone boasts of their safety and sustainability, because each surface is manufactured without petrochemicals or resins. The material, however, is porous, so it requires sealant, waxing and prompt stain removal.

  • Cambria Countertops: Cambria countertops are pure quartz with small amounts of pigment and resin thrown into the mix. With more than 100 colorful or pleasantly neutral designs, there is a slab for everyone that can be used for countertops, vanities, wet bars, showers, and more. The end product looks exactly like stone cut fresh from the quarry except it is sealed, stain-resistant and maintenance-free.

  • Silestone Countertops: Silestone is primarily quartz with silicon dioxide but added sand glass and larger quartz grains. This gives a unique mirror effect that creates movement in the countertops. These elements create pleasing, smooth finishes that resemble stone without the added maintenance and worry. The hues range from bold to neutral, as well as the newest option, “suede.” This gives an unusual rugged yet soft texture to the countertops, much like leather.

  • Viatera Countertops: Viatera® quartz surface is designed and created around the idea that a countertop is more than a place where meals are prepared. It is where good memories are born. Whether you’re looking for a surface that withstands the demands of daily life, or resists the wear of commercial applications, Viatera® gives you the freedom to create a space that truly reflects the beauty and wonder of life.

An Engineered Stone Countertop to Fit Your Need

As you can see, there are endless design possibilities with quartz-based, engineered stone countertops. From a subtle, polished, granite look to the appearance of fresh-cut stone, engineered materials are a great, durable and low-maintenance option for all of your remodeling or construction needs. If you have any further questions on any of the materials above or if you'd like a free quote, please contact Rock Fin Countertops today.