The longest remodeling journeys begin with the first swatch. Once you decide that you're ready to uproot your kitchen's current style, you'll realize that a whirlwind of choices are now at your feet. After all, you've scoured and squealed over all the Pinterest 'For the Home' boards that have ever graced the web. When it comes to actually buying the products that will transform your cooking space, however, that's where Rock Fin comes in to guide you through the options. At Rock Fin countertop's Houston location, we offer kitchen remodeling services as well as the engineered or natural stone countertops that will tie in the space.

Choosing Your Kitchen Counters

Before we can get your home ready for its upgrade, you'll need to choose the material, texture and color for the countertops. We actually have a store room that we really encourage you to visit before making a choice. We have 4"x4" samples of more than 150 natural stones and granite slabs to choose from. If you're leaning more towards engineered stone, we have Silestone, Casaerstone and Ice Stone samples as well (Remember that engineered stone can mimic that look of marble, granite, stone etc.).


After you've chosen the medium and color for your new tops, we'll template the job if you've accepted our bid. We'll go over the layout of the slabs and involve you in the entire process.

Kitchen counter demolition

At your request, we'll tear out the countertops that you have such as Formica, Corian and tile. We'll deck it with new plywood for an additional charge. When it comes to tile backsplash, we'll tear that out only if you're installing the replacements from granite.

Kitchen Remodeling Houston

If you're about to begin the remodeling process, contact us today to see if we can help you to create your dream space.