Choosing a Bathroom Countertop

While functionality is a major concern when selecting a kitchen countertop, this feature is less crucial for bathroom counters. With heat, utensils, and heavy usage less of a concern, you can focus more on the cost and appearance of your new bathroom counter, opening up the possibility of new ideas. There are a myriad of options available to choose from that run the gamut from industrial-themed concrete to elegant marble.

Among the many materials available, most can also be used in kitchens or outdoor areas, but you may want to look at your bathroom as a separate opportunity to select something that really fits the look you’d prefer. A bathroom countertop can easily becomes the focal point of the room, even without choosing a more expensive option.

Bathroom Countertop Options

Understanding the pros and cons of each material can make it easier to select from the overwhelming number of options available. Keep your budget in mind and decide what factors are more important to you to start narrowing down your options.

Granite continues to be a popular choice, as it offers excellent durability, ease of care when sealed, and a huge selection of colors. Although it’s able to withstand damage from humidity or hot styling tools, you’d probably need a professional to handle the job of installation. The downside is that granite can be an expensive option, but the investment is well worth it if your budget can withstand the cost.

Marble carries a classic elegance that makes it a symbol of luxury. Although the cost has decreased slightly through the years, it still requires an investment. Color choices may be more limited than granite, but it can be polished to a shine or honed to a matte finish. The material is fairly durable and enduring, but it will need to be sealed regularly.

Quartz resists stains, bacteria, and other issues well, but it can also carry a steep price tag. You won’t need to worry about sealing the countertop, but frequent cleaning may be needed as smudges can quickly collect on the surface.

Tile provides an endless array of options and can be a truly unique choice that sets a bathroom apart. Many are resistant to stains and heat, but the grout may need special attention to keep clean. Cracks and chips are a possibility, but tile can be significantly less expensive than other materials.

No matter what visual style you choose for your bathroom countertop, there are excellent options to create the perfect bathroom counter for your home. Remember to be realistic about your needs and budget while building, repairing, or renovating and you can find exactly what your bathroom needs.

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