How Long Will Granite Counters Last?

Granite countertops can transform any home and take kitchens to the next level, with a vast selection of colors to match any aesthetic. However, they also represent a significant investment that has contributed to their high regard. This has lead some homeowners to wonder: if I’m paying this much for granite counter, how long will they last?

The good news is that granite countertops have an incredibly long lifespan and high endurance levels. Since it’s pulled from natural stone, granite slabs are usually thousands of years old and have withstood exposure to all kinds of elements.

Granite will resist scratching and stains, plus it can withstand up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit without a mark. Its strength is well known, and you can even cut on a granite counter without damaging it. In short, there’s no reason to think that you’d need to replace your granite counters any time soon.

The most important step to protect your investment in a granite counter is sealing it. Since granite is naturally porous, the initial sealing is vital to resist staining. Remember to reseal it once every year to maintain this protection. Only those with experience in this type of work should reseal the granite. Hiring a professional is often the safest way to ensure that the job is completed correctly. Since this is the biggest step to protect your investment, it’s well worth the cost to do it right.

Aside from regular sealing, granite counters require very little maintenance. Investing in a granite countertop can last through the entire life of a home, and it’s well worth the money to create a great experience in your kitchen.

If you’re interested in seeing how granite counters can transform your home, contact the professionals at Rock Fin Countertops. We offer a variety of stone countertop materials, and we can help you select the best option for your home and your lifestyle.

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