Slate Countertop Maintenance

When it comes to slate countertop maintenance, care and attention are extremely important. Many cleaning chemicals can have harmful effects on the slate, so it is advised that you purchase cleaning supplies specific to cleaning slate countertops at any major home improvement or home supply store. Our staff at Rock Fin Countertops has compiled some helpful hints for maintaining and cleaning your slate countertops.

Avoid products with acidic content

The first thing you need to avoid is any cleaning product with acidic content. When purchasing a cleaning product, it is imperative that you always make sure that it has a neutral pH level. Acidic cleaning solutions will cause irreparable damage to your slate countertops. There are several types of solutions with neutral pH levels that work not only on your slate countertops, but also on other surfaces such as tile and hardwood.

Likewise, avoid cleaning your countertops with any household products that contain acid in them like solutions made of vinegar or lemon juice. For a household solution to your slate countertop care, simply using a wet rag and hot water will work great.

Making dusting and sealing a habit

With a material like slate, dusting and sealing is imperative. Slate is a porous stone, so you’ll need to apply a penetrating sealer to make sure that nothing gets in it. Sealing your countertops every month or two is a great way to get the longest life possible out them. A great way to check if it’s time to seal your slate countertops is to drip a little bit of water onto it. If the water does not bead right away on your countertop, then it is time to apply a new coat of sealant.

Additionally, you’ll want to remove dust regularly from your countertops. When dust accumulates on slate, it can settle within the pores of the stone and damage it from within. Dusting your slate countertop once every week is a great way to ensure that it will stay in its best condition for the longest possible time. It’s extremely important not to use any cloths with abrasive fibers that could scratch the surface of the countertop when dusting it. We recommend using a microfiber cloth.

If you are in need of a countertop replacement, repair, or installation, or simply have questions about properly maintaining and cleaning your countertops, request a quote today and let Rock Fin Countertops take care of all your countertop needs

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