What are Granite Levels?

Granite countertops are a popular option to install in homes, as the natural stone material is durable and available in a wide variety of styles and colors that can match any kitchen’s theme. If you’ve embarked on the journey of selecting granite counters, however, you may have come across the different denotations of a granite’s level. What does the granite level indicate?

Ranked from Level I up to Level V for some vendors, granite is graded on a number of factors and categorized. Different contractors, vendors, and builders offer different explanations of what granite countertop levels mean, but generally speaking the quality of the stone’s color and its price will go up with the level. For instance, Level I granite will be the relatively lowest price.

Factors that influence granite level may include:

  • Color
  • Consistency
  • Pattern
  • Origin
  • Rarity

One of the most influential factors for a granite’s level, and therefore price, is where the granite was harvested from and how rare the color is for that region. For instance, some granite colors can only be found in a certain location or may be rare in any region. Some of the particularly rare variants of granite may be considered “Exotic Granite” and of course include a higher price tag.

Different fabricators may carry different products and levels of granite, and the price difference between the levels can vary. Any granite will offer durability if properly cared for, but homeowners will need to decide if it’s worth it to them when considering a higher level of granite and its increased price.

The meaning behind the level system can range surprisingly between granite professionals, so be sure that you thoroughly investigate your granite before making a purchase. The most important factor when choosing your granite counters is to ensure that you personally like the stone and that it compliments your kitchen space.

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