3 Highly Recommended Bathroom Countertop Options

Typically, the conversation about countertop selections tends to concern kitchen countertops more than bathroom countertops. Sure, you can choose the first recommended option for your bathroom countertops and have one less thing to worry about, but believe it or not there is such a thing as “bad countertops” or “not-the-best countertops” rather. This depends on the design you desire for your bathroom, the overall look you desire for your home, and the features you need in a bathroom countertop for your lifestyle. Universally, there are three countertops in particular that add great contributions to any bathroom space.

 Highly Recommended Countertop #1: Granite Countertops

Granite not only comes in a fair assortment of beautiful patterns and colors, but it doesn’t require that much upkeep. It is scratch resistant and thanks to its properties, heat resistant. If you use a flat iron and decide to place the flat iron on the countertop, the granite will not be subject to any marks because of the heat (although, it’s still recommended that you consider the countertop before placing hot objects on the counter).  

Highly Recommended Countertop #2: Quartz Bathroom Countertops

The benefits of Quartz are quite extensive. The most obvious benefit of Quartz countertops is its durability, which is fairly comparable to the durability that concrete exhibits. Quartz does not chip or crack very easily and is heat and scratch resistant even without any sealing. Thanks to its non-porous material, Quartz is also stain resistant. One of the best benefits to Quartz though has got to be its ability to not harbor bacteria or viruses. This is an awesome feature to have in a countertop, let alone a countertop in one of the dirtiest rooms of the house.   

Highly Recommended Countertop #3: Solid-Surface Material

 Solid Surface countertops may not be scratch, chip, or crack resistant, however, they are easily repairable should any of these damages take place. Like Quartz and Granite countertops, Solid Surface Countertops don’t support the growth of bacteria and are stain resistant. While most countertops contain seams that can gather dirt within them over-time, solid surface countertops are seamless. This look not only appears beautiful in bathrooms but often makes these bathroom countertops easier to clean than other options.  

These bathroom countertop options make for wonderful additions to any bathroom not simply design-wise, but functionality-wise as well. If you’d like to inquire about these countertops or would like a personal suggestion on the bathroom countertop that would best suit your home, visit Rock Fin at our location in Houston, TX or give us a call today!    

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