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At Rock Fin Countertops, we offer a variety of quartz; the other white countertop. This material is the second-most abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental crust (feldspar comes first if you wanted to know). Because of its wide, semi-precious spectrum of stones with different hues, you’ll find quartz commonly in jewelry making. The other most common accessory use is for your kitchen countertops. Just like jewelry, Caeserstone countertops come in a variety of different colors, textures and decide the overall theme for your space. What’s more is that the Caesarstone countertop company mines and designs with the environment as a key priority throughout the process.

Quartz countertops Katy: How Caesarstone measures up

Not only is quartz known for its clean lines, but it can also resemble stone, marble and granite textures. On top of the staple options, the quartz can also achieve unique looks of its own with colors like Red Shimmer, Apple Martini and Carbone. When it comes to the general feel of Caesarstone, you can choose from:

  • Ultra Modern: Sleek lines, with white, high-gloss surfaces. Textured patterns for a stand-out look
  • Modern: More subtle patterns, neutral colors like gray, pearl white and without so much gloss
  • Classic: These are more for a country-kitchen feel. Stone resembles classic granite or marble patterns.

1. Apple Martini

Apple Martini by Caesarstone

Apple Martini by Caesarstone

2. Red Shimmer

Red shimmer by Caesarstone

Red Shimmer by Caesarstone

3. Carbone

carbone by Caesarstone

Carbone by Caesarstone

Caesarstone maintenance

Caesarstone is definitely less maintenance than classic staples like granite or marble. Quartz is nonporous, unlike the staining qualities of granite and soapstone, mold-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Caesarstone countertops Katy: Friend of the forests

The Caesarstone company has also put the environment first for over 20 years. Their recycling list is extensive and includes

  • -97-percent recycled water is used for manufacturing
  • – They collect dust from shipping, handling, production and processing
  • – RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidized) installations in their plants and their surroundings
  • – Industrial waste recycling
  • – And read the many more…

Caesarstone Countertops in Katy

If you think this sleek and unique look of Caesarstone is the one you want to fit your kitchen them, you can contact us at 713-460-4441 , and you can even request a quote for your project.

House beautiful kitchen of the year

Caesarstone Countertops’ submission to House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2012

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