Ice Stone Countertops Houston

When it comes to choosing the correct countertops to fit your lifestyle, you may be daunted when it comes to the thought of choosing between natural or engineered stone. When it doubt, quartz and concrete compilations are the first alternatives when it comes to comparative maintenance, beauty and the materials’ abundance all over the Earth. At Rock Fin Countertops, we have a wide selection of Ice Stone countertops, and this company operates and creates with the planet in mind. In fact, it’s their first priority.

Ice Stone coutertops Houston: What’s in the slab?

Ice Stone countertops Houston bring a different recipe to the table when it comes to your project. Instead of quartz, the company uses three core ingredients including 100-percent recycled glass, pigment and Portland cement. The cement is made of concrete, mortar and stucco. When it comes to colors and textures, the glass included in the design gives the slabs more depth. Instead of bold colors, such as the quartz competitor Caesarstone, Ice Stone makes its mark by invoking movement and subtle highlights to their product.

Consumer shop smart tip: On top of sustainability, Ice Stone also boasts that they’re the safest product on the market, because their countertops are made without the use of petrochemicals or resins.

Ice Stone countertops: Care and maintenance

Ice Stone countertops call for a bit more maintenance than quartz. Although the surface is dense, it’s still porous, so the surfaces are sealed to prevent staining and waxed to prevent etching. Immediately wipe up spills with a damp cloth an water, especially acidic spills like wine, vinegar, fruit juices etc. Also use cleaning products that are chorline-bleach-free. Basically, avoid the big-namers like Windex, Clorox Greenworks, Brillo etc. We’ll have some recommendations. Basically if anything get moisture on the bottom, put it on a tray.

Ice Stone Countertops in Houston

If you’re interested in Ice Stone to complete your look, please visit our site to browse our products, and you can even request a quote for your next project.


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