Granite Countertops Price, Houston

Granite is a beautiful, durable option when choosing a countertop right for your home.  It comes in a multitude of colors and patterns and adds a sense of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen.  Because of this, granite can be more of an investment than other countertop stones, but we at Rock Fin Countertops in Houston believe it’s worth it!

Worried that your Granite countertops price is out of your budget? Think again:

Rock Fin Countertops in Houston designs and installs slab granite which may cost more than tiled and modular granite but for good reason.  The tiles used for tiled granite countertops are much like floor tiles and are set with epoxy.  This is the cheapest way to outfit your kitchen with granite countertops at roughly $4.00 a square foot, but it’s certainly not the most custom nor is it the most desirable.  Modular granite countertops are made for easy DIY installation and are cheaper than specially made slabs, but the seams they create on your countertops aren’t attractive.  The hand tailored granite countertops we offer at Rock Fin are far superior in durability and aesthetics than tiled or modular granite and that’s why we strongly suggest installing granite that will last a lifetime.

We are huge advocates of slab granite:

At Rock Fin Countertops in Houston, we understand that the granite you choose for your home is an extension of who you are.  That’s why we advocate purchasing slab granite that will give your home a timeless, elegant feel.  We take in consideration the size and dimension of your countertops, your preference for edges and the type of granite you choose when determining a price.  We never offer base quotes and exclusively work with you on what you want to achieve when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

Contact us today for your free quote:

Rock Fin in Houston is proud to offer a wide selection of granite options for your home.  If you’re interested in new granite countertops, be sure to receive a FREE quote today!

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